[#Beginning of Shooting Data Section] Nikon D3X 2011/09/27 16:14:48.91 Fuseau horaire/date : UTC+1, Heure d'été:Activée RAW, compression sans perte (12 bits) Taille d'image : L (6048 x 4032), FX Objectif : 85mm F/2.8D Photographe : Copyright : Focale : 85mm Mode d'exposition : Manuel Mesure : Matricielle Vitesse d'obturation : 1/60s Ouverture : F/14 Correction expo. : +0.3IL Régl. précis expo. : Sensibilité ISO : ISO 100 Optimisation image : Balance des blancs : Pré-réglage manuel d-0, 0, 0 Mode mise au point : Manuel (M) Mode de zone AF : Sélectif Réglage précis AF : Désactivé VR : Réduction du bruit : Désactivée Réduc. bruit ISO : Désactivée Mode couleur : Espace colorimétrique : Adobe RVB Correction des tons : Réglage des teintes : Saturation : Accentuation : D-Lighting actif : Désactivé Contrôle du vignetage : Désactivé Contrôle auto de la distorsion : Picture Control : [SD] Standard Fondé sur : [SD] Standard Réglage rapide : 0 Accentuation : 3 Contraste : 0 Luminosité : 0 Saturation : 0 Teinte : 0 Effets de filtres : Virage : Sys coord : Authentification : Désactivée Nettoyage du capteur d'image : Légende image : [#End of Shooting Data Section]Cara’Sens – blends tentalising taste with technical sophistication!

Choose between traditional flavours or more creative variations:

Taste profiles including Toffee, Dulce de Leche and Butterscotch.
Caramels that bear your signature, developed according to your specific requirements.
Original caramels with exotic, spicy or dessert-based flavour notes!


Discover a world of tastes, textures and colours!

caramel_aromatiqueCaramel Syrups

Our caramel syrups will flavor and color your products to achieve your desired profiles. With more than a dozen references, our line of syrups ranges from light and sweet (Blonde Caramel) to dark and bitter (Caramel Brule). Every syrup can be Organic Certified.

caramel_fourrageCaramel Creams

Our precise mix of sugar and dairy creates a smooth cream. This awardwinning product can be used as a topping or as an ingredient. All our cream’s textures can be modified to your needs: from liquid to thick, all is possible. Cara’sens is also able to flavor creams for your seasonal products.

cristaux-gros-plan_sansfondCaramel Inclusions & Powders

Our caramel inclusions range from powder to bits (0.25mm to 6mm) adding critical texture and flavor to your products. Inclusions are available in Dairy Free versions for our allergen-conscious customers or if the final application is to be broiled. Organic Certified versions are available for Dairy Free inclusions.

caramel_nappageSpecialty Caramels

If the caramel you are looking for will be used for a specific function in your product and not just an ingredient, Cara’sens can meet your specific needs. We have binders, low GI or bakestable caramels. The caramel mass (in loaf or slab) is the same delicious base as the best-selling caramels from France.

caramel_colorant Caramel Colors

Our water soluble Caramel colors are available as a liquid or powder in a number of hues to provide golden brown to a deep dark brown color to your products.

We also offer Burnt sugar, obtained by the controlled heat treatment of sugar without any chemical. It will provide both the color and taste of caramelized sugar.

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