Discover a globally unique Bakestable Caramel!

croissant with caramel

The CARA’SENS range is expanding, with the launch of a stable cooking caramel specifically for this sector, it offers manufacturers of bread, cakes and pastries a flavorsome solution for filling prior to cooking.

Delicious and effective, it has been especially developed to withstand very high temperatures (>200°C) for several minutes. After cooking, it retains an unbelievably buttery, genuine texture! This caramel is especially suitable for filling : croissants, breads, turnovers, rolls, and brownies. It does not interrupt/ interfere with the mold : no bubbles, drips or holes, and it does not affect the rise of dough or the flakes of pastry. It is stable when frozen.

Caramel remains a global best-seller; this traditional product is the perfect answer to the needs of manufacturers seeking gourmand variations. There is a range of different profiles: Toffee, salted Caramel and salted butter caramel.

Contact us to find out more about its incredible texture once cooked!

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