Ice creams & Caramels: an indulgent and winning duo !

sunday ice cream topping caramel

For several years now, the ice cream market has continued to develop in Europe and it has held on to its position as a product of pleasure par excellence. Therefore, caramel is a natural fit for this basic trend: 10% of ice cream references launched this year focus on this indulgent flavour (Mintel, 2016).

On the shelves, the pleasure trend is reflected in products that are getting more premium and indulgent. Caramel comes in different flavours, and in some cases, it becomes a range in its own right: Dulce de leche, salted caramel, butter caramel and so on. To make ultra-indulgent products, it can be combined with many other ingredients (dried fruit, biscuits and sweets) in rich recipes, inspired by chocolate makers.

At the same time, pleasure and health go together in ice cream formulated with a yoghurt base or plant milk. Their wide availability targets consumers who are looking to balance their diet without having to compromise on taste. Caramel is the perfect answer for that touch of indulgence!

With our IC’BOX 2.0 discover our new ice cream concepts that were developed to inspire your future launches!

Let yourself be tempted by the Dark Peanut, a combination of dark chocolate ice cream and a peanut flavoured topping (allergen-free). Experience the 3 Caramels, a satisfying option for fans of this intense flavour. Test the Delicious Dairy Free, an almond ‘milk’ based ice cream, topped with an unctuous dairy free caramel.

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